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Be Still

A music video for Christian musician Michael O'Brien's rendition of "Be Still" as performed live for the opening of the 2016 Extraordinary Women Conferences.

I produced, edited, and created graphics for this piece.

Fill in the Blank

A Poem about Beauty and Self-Love

My final project from the YouTube NextUp Class of 2016 Program created at YouTube Space NY.

I wrote, filmed, and edited this piece with a focus on experimenting with cinematography styles different from my normal "vlog style" shooting on my YouTube channel.

Introduction to Behavioral Economics

- VCU Economics

The VCU Economics Department received a grant in 2016 to create over 100 3-5 minute educational videos as supplements for hybrid and flipped courses.

I produced, filmed, edited, and created graphics for this educational piece along with serving as lead on all video production aspects for the project.

EWomen Conference:

2017 Tulsa Presale

Extraordinary Women is a Christian women's conference with several national venues and featured noted Christian speakers such as Candace Cameron Bure, Angela Thomas, and Kasey Van Norman.

I voiced, edited, and created graphics for this promotional piece for the 2017 Tulsa conference played in the arena at the 2016 conference for on-site registration.

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Sarah & Evan French Wedding

A highlight video for a wedding I filmed and edited in Spring 2015. 

This is just one example of event filmmaking I've worked in, but I've also had experience in musical recitals, webinars, and conferences.

Christian Counseling 

Best Practices Series

In this comedic take on the infomercial, I served as actor, video editor, and motion graphics artist. I experiemented with filming and editing green screen footage, and appropriately integrating into a promotional project. 

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5 Signs Your Crush Likes You

One of the highest viewed videos on my YouTube channel, iIMAGINEblank, this video epitomizes the style and message of the teen-driven channel.

I write, film, edit, and market all of my videos (uploaded once a week, on Thursdays).  I started it as a place to experiment with my filmmaking skills and it's grown into a reknowned creative and business endeavor.

Seacoast Summit 2016

Opening Video

This video opened the 2016 Seacoast "Mental Health and Mission of the Church" Summit presented by the American Association of Christian Counselors.  I worked as co-producer, editor, and animator for this project.

Harry Potter & The End of a Generation

A documentary short produced at the College of William and Mary following a group of Harry Potter enthusiasts as they prepare for the premiere of first film in the final installment of the iconic series by J.K. Rowling.

I worked as a co-producer and primary editor for the project.

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